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Seminar Internasional “Preparing Education to Enter ASEAN Economic Community”

Diterbitkan pada 18 September 2015

Waktu Pelaksanaan : 04 Oktober 2015 s/d 04 Oktober 2015
Tempat : Ruang Ki Sarino Mangunpranoto


One of globalization characteristics is global collaboration and competition; thus, to collaborate means to improve education quality, particularly in era of welcoming Asean Economic Community (AEC).

In terms of education, a number of efforts, ways and breakthrough are necessary to improve education quality. Experts, scholars, practitioners are needed to share and collaborate their views to respond to this issue.

This international seminar entitled Preparing Education to Enter ASEAN Economic Community is to explore ideas as well as research results in the field of education in order to face AEC.

Plenary Speaker

Mr. Ith Vuthy, M.Sc. MA (Deputy Director SEAMOLEC)  
from Kamboja

Dr. Kerry Newman

Prof. Dr. Supriyoko, S.D.U., M.Pd
(Guru Besar Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa Indonesia)


  - Challenges and opportunities of human resources
  - Innovative, creative and character-based learning
  - Concepts and implementation of multicultural

08.00    -    08.10    Registration
08.10    -    09.00    Opening by
                             Committee, Director, and Rector of UST
09.00    -    10.00    Keynote Speaker
10.00    -    12.00    Panel
                              1. Dr. Kerry Neuman
                              2. Prof. Dr. Supriyoko, M.Pd.
12.30    -    13.00    Lunch and Paying
13.00    -    15.00    Paralle session
15.00                     Clossing

Parallel Speakers

The committee invite lecturers, teachers, and researcher to be speakers and present the paper in parallel sessions.
Deadline Abstract can be sent via Email: [email protected]  Must be sent no later than  25 September 2015
Notification : 29 September 2015
Full Paper : 30 September 2015
Please have Ms-Office Word 97-2003 or 2007 (file “.doc” or “.docx”) in English. Font Time 12-pt.
Authors’ Biography
Biography including name, academic title, affiliation, e_mail address, mobile phone number and title of the paper must be sent to commitee


Jl. Kusumanegara No. 157 Yogyakarta
Email: [email protected]
Telp. 0274564369

Contak Person:
Bambang Solingno 085743363725
SMS Center 085868795007

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