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Seminar Internasional "Quality Assurance For Educational Services"

Diterbitkan pada 06 Januari 2015

Waktu Pelaksanaan : 17 Januari 2015 s/d 17 Januari 2015
Tempat : Ki Sarino Mangu Pranoto





"Quality Assurance For Educational Services"



Mr. G Balasekaran, PhD

Head, PESS National Institute of Education, ( NIE) Singapore


Mr. Manish Semwal, PhD

University of AGRA India


Prof. Dr. Supriyoko, SDU, M.Pd

Director of Post Graduate, University Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa Yogyakarta Indonesia


Prof. Dr. Sri Edi Swasono

Head Of Majelis Luhur Perguruan Persatuan Tamansiswa


Education today that provide quality and value in the provision of their educational services are likely to grow and prosper. Such schools  gain benefits like stronger student and staff loyalty, lower vulnerability to economic changes, ability to command higher funding and more autonomy from the state in policy development. Some Schools currently experience problems in retaining both academic staff and dealing with growing student needs. Some of the reasons for this may be that staff and students perceive that other institutions are offering more valuable education in terms of quality (recognition, career development, student support etc).

It thus, becomes imperative for Schools to  ensure that their services are in demand. Various strategies to make higher education affordable and valuable for students need to be applied on the national level in order to support the social role of the Schools and the growth in Quality Assurance  methodologies and the implementation of  the results of Quality Assurance  both institutional and socially.



For teachers and educators

  1. To recognize deeply about education services based on Quality assurance
  2. To raise the education services by quality assurance
  3. To promote the quality assurance in every  field of education services



Saturday, January 17th  2015 08.00- 15.30 WIB

Ki Sarino Mangunpranoto Room UST Hall

Jl. Kusumanegara No. 157 Yogyakarta



08.00 -  08.10      Registration

08.10 -  09.00      Opening by Committee, Director and Rector of UST

09.00 -  10.00      Keynote Speaker Prof. Dr. Sri Edi Swasono

10.00 -  12.30      Panel

                          Mr. Manish Semwal, phD

                          Mr. G. Balasekaran, PhD

                          Prof. Dr. Supriyoko, SDU, M.Pd

12.30 -  13.00      Lunch and Praying

13.00 -  15.00      Parallel Class for Proceeding

15.00 – 15.30       Closing



Students Post Graduate UST IDR 150.000

Other Students &  Lecturers IDR 200.000

Proceeding IDR 400.000



  1. To Secretary of Seminar in Administration Staff PPSP UST
  2. BNI : 0162924176 ac. Bambang Solingo


  • Seminar Kit
  • Snack
  • Lunch
  • Certificate



DR. Welius Purbonuswanto, M.Pd : 0811297285 / 085-870177486

Drs. Bambang Solingno : 085743410108



The Committee invites lecturers, teachers, and researchers  to be speakers and present the paper in parallel session



Abstract in form of attachments file in email, please use MS- Office Word ( file “.doc / .docx” ) use English, max 10 Pages of Times New Roman 12-pt, 1,5 space.   

Abstract and full paper can be send by  email to: before January 10, 2015

Acceptance of publication will be answered by email to the speaker on January 12 2015;  or it can be accessed in

Link Downloat Leaflet Clik Here

Link Downloat Form Clik Here

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